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Our  Story

Premier photo booths of San Antonio was an idea to get out of our norm in life which everyone tends to get stuck at times  because of being comfortable where they're at in life or just surviving day by day. But sometimes that comfortableness can become dragging, lonely, boring and can lead you and others around you to not thrive or not live life to the fullest. When Covid started, it was easy to do just that. But we decided to turn that time into something positive.  This has brought us closer and made us realize we wanted more from life and to set up the future for our kids. So the photo booth idea came into mind, being we love to party together and have a good time with others and didn't want it to end, we wanted to share the same happiness and experience when celebrating with friends and family. Capturing priceless moments that are gone in seconds is what we love to do. We capture memories that can be kept for a lifetime while bringing out their inner personalities to get those pictures! We are a family owned and operated company here in San Antonio and learning as we go with each event. We offer professional and fun services to all occasions big or small. We deliver high quality images and have the newest top notch innovative photo booth like no other in San Antonio. We are sure to impress. 

 We will celebrate with you as we provide custom photo booth rentals that match your themed event or companies marketing agenda. Our photo booth attendants will bring the fun factor to your event while delivering reliable and professional service at the same time. Not only do we get all your guests hyped up to get ready to take their best selfies, we also provide personalized services to exceed your expectations by providing clear and concise communication and high quality pictures delivered to your phone/email or have them printed right there! With our advanced technology in our photo booths, we provide beautiful pictures and templates that can be customized to your special event. Let us capture every moment with our sleek and elegant mirror booths. It delivers an experience like no other with  animated customized screen, templates, filters, and more! Everything you need at the touch of your finger. We offer many packages that can be tailored to fit your needs and offer payment plans. No event is too big or too small to not have a photo booth. 

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